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10 Things about the King- ‘The Tree and the Light’

posted on Sep 8, 2013, in category : My Books
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TREEOLOGY- 10 things about the King

Spoiler alert:

The King is none other than the King of the Universe…Jesus Christ the LORD of glory. I think most people who do not know much about the Bible can quickly gather that much.

But for those who do not know it’s ok. Let just me point out some things about this King of Light:


      1. He was foretold : 

It was inscribed upon the Tree. The people then had seen it, but they may not have known how to understand it until their conditions changed for the worse.

      2. The Event was foretold:

 This speaks of omniscience. This message was conveyed by a messenger who was given a futuristic message of a time to come.

      3. He is a man of Light:

Just like in the Bible he is the Light of the world. He comes as the antithesis to the darkness.

The darkness peers out with its lurking eyes at this person and realizes that its dark habitat is being erased. Light has that effect where it illumines whatever is in the dark.

This points to the incarnation of God. He took on the nature of a man, so as to come on behalf of man, as man’s perfect representative. He comes to succeed where the others have failed.

       4. He comes bearing light and create a new life-

He has a bag of sun-lit seeds and he is planting new seeds of life and vitality. There is a new song that fills the air, one that He brings. And as he walks the people are warmed by his light. He is infusing his world with the stuff of Heaven.

       5. He comes to confront and defeat his enemies-

He marches upon the source of this evil and confront and overcomes them. The light exposes their false kingdom and the inward and outward decay.

       6. He comes to heal and forgive-

As a he penetrates their fallen kingdom he heals those who are deformed. There is an inward and outward cleansing. He not only heals them but forgives them for their open rebellion.

 7. He starts a new creation-

The world that he creates surpasses the beauty of the previous one. He sends out his messengers throughout this world spreading the seeds of light, and a message for all.

 8. He comes to be with and dine among his people-

He makes a decree that a great table be built within his garden. This points to the wedding supper of the Lamb (Jesus) in the book of Revelation. He gathering all his people to a feast of commemoration.

  9. He comes to rule and reign in love-

He is not a harsh dictator or a cruel lord, he comes to rule and reign in love for the people he has created.

 10. He comes to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity-

The enemy is vanquished; the darkness pushed and cast out. He comes to bless his people and the land.

It’s God’s people in God’s place, under Gods rule, enjoying his blessings.

Rejoice ! The King has come!

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