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About JR Strange

Hi my name is Jason Strange and I am a Christian who just so happens to be a husband, father of three, a twin, an x-ray technologist, aspiring theologian, and a writer.

I served in the US Air Force for 4+years where I met my wife (Joannie) and have settled in Miamisburg Ohio just south of Dayton where we rear-up our progeny(Selah, Seanna, A.J). I also attended Moody Bible college and obtained a degree in Biblical Studies and have gone through 4 additional years through a church based program in leadership/theological training.

This is my personal blog where I seek to inform the listening world about my books. My goal is to encourage and foster an enviroment where asipring authors can write from the depths of their souls without adding the garbage which is so often found in todays market place. I also seek to promote solid work where I find it on this site and to review manuscripts to help people like me who are seeking a voice and an audience. I don’t know where this will take me in the marketing world, but I am excited to see where all this ends up.

I have a new found passion to write and to publish my thoughts. I want to take deep theological themes that are redemptive in nature and to convey that in story form. I seek to do this, in order to spark the imagination in those who might read my story, but yet will not pick up a Bible. I seek the praise of no one, but His.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to stay home with my family and get paid to write; this would be a dream come true, but i know its going to take some hard work and some long nights…which is when I do my best writing…sitting down, all kids snuggled in bed, rockstar energy drink in hand, sitting in my crappy chair, creating worlds to enjoy while at the same time making the heart long for a better world.

Currently I have several books in the works. A Trilogy short-story series called,  ‘The Tree and the Light’. It’s a fiction/fantasy for middle aged children and I am having Createspace (Amazon) publish it. I am hoping to release the first installment sometime early next year and to finish up the second by 2013.

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