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An Aha! Moment

posted on Nov 28, 2012, in category : Affiliate
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I love aha! moments.

I had one about 10 years ago that I really didn’t know what to about it.

So, I wrapped it up and stuck it somewhere in a mental envelope and sealed it with a description,

‘Do not open until ready.’

So as years went by I would dream a little bit here and there as often as my brain allowed. So now I have taken out the envelope and opened it. And it reads,

Just WRITE. ‘

Now this is not a ‘novel’ idea, but for me it is a big step into the unknown; into a world saturated with literature and books, wondering if I even have a voice…

My inspiration was RC Sproul.

If nobody knows who he is I highly recommend his material. He is a Reformed Christian pastor/theologian and a mentor of mine (though he does not know it).

It all started when I was at a Ligonier conference in Orlando Florida and he was asked a question, “What are some books you would like to write in the near future?” He proceeded to pull a list out of his wallet and he said he had 1o ideas for children’s books that he would like to do.

I admired that in him because he is this renowned scholar/theologian who is able to bring deep theological truths down to a lower level and make it palatable for young people. Check his children’s books.

I had further inspiration. What finally propelled me? Like many writers it was my kids.

I have 3 great kids: Selah (5) Seanna Rose (4) and my buddy A.J (2).

They love to hear daddy’s creative impromptu nighttime stories. I finally said I’ll do it for them, I want to leave something for my kids; To let them know daddy wanted to do something tangibly special just for them.

So this is my humble attempt to write fiction and non-fiction and to plunge headlong.

If there any folks out there of the same passion and persuasion (and I know there) I hope to encourage and inspire you to write for a reason, not for self-congratulation or the applause of others. Write because you enjoy it and find pleasure in it. I know that’s easy for me to say because I am just starting out (sort of with this blog).

This is my journey and I want to share it with you.

I want to keep it clean, wholesome, edgy, redemptive, and Imaginative. Creating fresh stories for fresh young minds allowing deep truths to soak in, so that it may draw folks (young and old) into the grand narrative of the ages.

Thanks RC,

Love ya kids, Dad


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