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Counsel by Day

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Counsel by Day

“I will bless the LORD who has counseled me;” Psalm 16:7a

Before Jesus departed this world he made a promise to his disciples that he would not leave them as orphans, but that he would send the Counselor, 3rd Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit (His Spirit) who would lead them into all truth. He also said my peace I give to you, my peace I leave unto you.

This person of peace would remain with them to lead, guide, direct, teach, remind, convict, and counsel.

The psalmist here experienced this reality, this person, this counselor.

Within this intimate relationship between man and God divine wisdom is dispensed. As a result, he cannot help but give thanks by blessing God. He blesses God for truth given, knowledge imparted, wisdom obtained, and revelation revealed.

We are bought into this inner sanctum of Gods secret chambers where spiritual truths are uncovered, where the bread of Gods word is broken, eaten, and taken in. This forever changes a man. He is never the same.

We find ourselves Tabernacling within the most Holy place gazing at the blood covered mercy seat, prostrate with the angels, arms outstretched, and we praise God for his secret council.

The mind of omniscience speaking directly into the heart, not by some ethereal/mystical process, but through holy scripture breathed out by God and applied by his Spirit.

For this is the Counselors handbook, guide, map, the tool by which the heart is converted and the souls of righteous men made perfect.

His counsel is always true, always good, always on time. There is always a timely word in a time of need. We cling ever so close to his council because we know that man lives by every word that proceeds from his mouth. We who know this will bless him.

God does not give counsel the way the world gives counsel.

He does not lay us on a couch and want us to talk about our childhood nor does he let you do all the talking. He does not prescribe medication to make you cope with the worlds many maladies.

Gods prescription is WORD.

A dose of truth, a measure of his infallible revelation.

He drives us deeper into himself to cure our deepest spiritual ailments. As a result of God’s perfect counsel the psalmist seeks to bless the Lord. He is grateful for the inner work that God is doing in his heart, in his mind. ┬áHe cannot not say, thank you God and bless the Lord, for this the appropriate response to Gods work in the heart..

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