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Created to Write

posted on Aug 29, 2013, in category : Writing | Post a comment

You were created to write.

Ever since man showed up on the scene, whatever your view, whether you believe in special creation or random mutation, man decided to write.

This was not some cosmic causal accident. Man did not go from gripping a banana to holding a led #2 lead pencil. In my view man was and has always been an intelligent being uniquely designed to perform such a process; all of history shows that man desired to communicate by writing or drawing .  

Man is able to think abstractly, to a high degree. There are over 6500 languages in the world. This is a phenomenal statistic as it shows not only the variety and often the complexity of language but that mankind has striven to communicate through a written medium. Man was created to write…and write he has.

Man has his senses to aid him in this, God given senses to help him communicate externally what is internally in the brain.

Amazing powers of cognition, rationality, and logic all coming together so that man can synthesize the complex information that stews in the deep recesses of his cerebral cortex. We are all super computers (some with more memory and hard drive space) having minds that work at supersonic speed computing data at ridiculous speeds.

We desire to inscribe what we know.

Ever since man was able to do this he was writing in the sand or drawing on walls. Man desires to be known and understood.

And in our writing endeavors we seek to impart to the world just a sliver of who we are. We seek to give the world a slice of our creativity, so as to inspire or teach or instill hope, or to just entertain. Why do we feel this need?

In my worldview God is a communicable God. A Trinitarian powerhouse of communication.

An infinite being of endless information in community giving and sharing and processing all of it. He takes the information and gives it 3-dimensional form.  A Triune printing and publishing house executing divine prerogatives moving men to think and write without bypassing the internal make-up of the man.

God did this more specifically in the Bible. God took over 1500 yrs, give or take, and over 40 authors putting pens in motion and inscripturating his very words.

A masterpiece with one theme, one story-line, one chief character and a whole supporting cast.

God has even used his invisible pen to craft pieces of the story in every man. Some have taken the way of glory others tragedy.

You were ceated to write. Not scripture but your own story. You were given hands to grip a pencil or fingers to tap on keys. The mind is a wonderland of creative juice pouring out new people that have never existed, places that have never been,  creatures never seen, and worlds never visited. And we who read can ‘magically’ slip into these worlds. Now even our stories are turned into cinematic delight.

You were created to write so write with all your might.

I would say to right for fun, right for real, right what is adventurous and exciting, write with passion. Stay clean, don’t become a dirty, crass writer.

Because ultimately your script is not yours alone, and we all will have to give account for all our words. Don’t let that dispel you but propel you, now write to new lustrous heights.

You were created to write.


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