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A narrative is a story, but a meta-narrative (MN) is the One STORY that makes sense of all other stories.

In today’s cultural climate the meta-narrative is frowned upon because we do not like to think that even our individual stories are locked in to one grand narrative. This has several implications which are mammoth in proportion.

1. If there is a MN then this means that our stories are intertwined.

Could this be. Could our stories really be linked in a way that is personal and supra-personal. Reason I say this is because if there is one overarching story than all stories fit under the umbrella of the One. Which means that the One Story and all its themes are filtered down into our paradigm.

Or in a reversed way all themes that we find to write about are drawn from this One great pericope.

2. We have a destiny/fate/mission to fulfill; a purpose that exist outside of us and for us.

Could it be that we have a mission? If there is One Story then it begs the question can there be One author? There has to be.

And if One Author is writing this story, then we are cast into this drama, the drama of the ages. This means that every role is significant.

3. We are locked into the MN there is no escape.

Some people try and escape through drugs and suicide but even then the story continues. We are confined to space and time upon this globe.

We still have freedoms to create within the metanarrative but those creations will have threads or strands of the One Great story pulsating through our own.

‘Locked in’ does not mean prison, but that we have limitations in our creative abilities. Some people do decide to write their own stories where they do become prisoner’s. This is due in part to destructive vices that men are given over to, and in this you write your story in a way that is part of the anti-narrative.

4. Our stories are meant to display the One Story.

We love to showcase and display our work. We want people to recognize it and notice our creativity and imagination. We love the applause, the congratulation and the adulation.

What if our work was meant to display something greater or shall I say Someone greater.

What if our work was meant to showcase His renown and not our own, His ability, His character?

5. SomeOne with a super intelligence has crafted this story.

One Story made up of billions of stories all linked in a way to the MN takes a mind that is beyond our comprehension and wildest imagination. Something must happen though in the midst of your story, something radical to your character in order for you to become a new writer with a new vision. A death must take place. Check out, ‘The Death of the Writer (coming soon).’

6. This explains our love for story.

If we are caught up in the DRAMA it makes sense that we love a good story.We are trying to make sense of life and story is the best way to communicate what is happening all around us.

It’s in this MN that all our stories makes sense.

There is something that distorts the MN and obscures our vision of the MN.

So how do make sense of this as writers? Does this mean that every story ever written is linked? Yes. So JR you are telling me that every genre of everything ever written has a sticking point? Yes.

Why is this hard to believe?  People tend to share…first of all we share a world, we share a history, we share countries, states, cities, neighborhoods, families, schools, food, a government, social media, a president, work etc… We all find ourselves at some point in time inhabiting this planet, living and dying.

My point:

Even at a basic and fundamental level our lives are linked. We are called humanity, the human race, mankind. We are all united in multiple ways.  

Our stories are unique but they often dissect, and unite with those whom we come into contact to.

In the west we often taut our radical American narcissistic individualism. It is our attempt to remove ourselves from the MN. It will not work.

Are you saying my romance novel is connected to the horror story. No.

What I am saying is that the way in which you write and the things you write about will touch on the themes that we all share; the inescapable themes which we find hopeful, awe-inspiring, glorious. All these great themes plug into the grand story.

What if my stories are macabre’, or perverse, or banal in nature? Check out my post, The Anti-Narrative.

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