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“The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” Psalm 14:1a

 Foolish people have foolish thoughts.

The great insight into the foolish mind is the non-existence of God.

They may possess a fine education and hold many degrees, but when it comes to spiritual truth they are bankrupt. “Claiming to be wise they became fools and they have exchanged the truth of God for a lie” (Romans 1).

The Great Lie of the ages, “There is no God.”

All who have ever held to this position find their conscience warring inside against their Maker.

If you want to see an unhappy person look at him.

They deny the basic fundamental reason for their existence and as a result they lose their heading. They have gone out of orbit and have become asteroidal-running the gambit of the world till they burn and fizzle out.

You dig them a bit about God and you’ll find all sorts of angers, resentments, hostilities. They will actually become prideful in their speculations about God and his non-being. But all the while, since they are not omniscient, the phrase “what if” beats consistently in the back ground. They are terrified at the prospect and rightly so.

 The fools heart speaks to him making false declarations of unholy things.

Reason has been denied and rationalism and been forfeited. His reason has led him to unreasonable conclusions and his rationalism has been rationed out.

This is the way in which the carnal/unregenerate mind functions. Human depravity affecting the heart. They also pat themselves on the back for “freeing” themselves from the chains of religion and traditionalism.

The atheist/agnostics “coming out” is really a “going into.”

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I’ve also heard that the text in Hebrew actually reads, “The fool has said in his heart-no God!

God continues to ask them questions in the heart, “Turn from your sin”-no God! “Believe on me”- no God! “Pick up and read”- no God! “I am the way, the truth, and the life”-no God!

It’s the ultimate defiance. The pot yelling at the potter, “you did not make me!” The painting telling the painter, “you did not paint me!” The watch telling the watchmaker, “you did not design me and wind me!” The apex of idiocy. They are stunted creatures, mere animals who are dwarfed in their ideas about God; retarded in growth.

In everything else in life they pride themselves in being “well-rounded individuals“-in their studies, travels, music, culture, careers, relationships,

but without God as the key component they lose the meaning behind it all, they lose their moral compass.

Their compass spins and points to themselves, they believe they are true north; and the whole time they are on a terrestrial planet spinning through the galaxy going 67,000 miles per hour.

Foolish conclusions because they have a foolish premise. everything else now becomes off-kilter.

They say, “Don’t judge!” Yet they judge others all the time. They say, “Who are you to say…” Yet they make truth claims all the time. They shrink back from objective truth and call all things relative when they cannot practically live-out that philosophy in a consistent way.

 Atheism clouds the mind with a dense fog of satanic lies; it keeps man from seeing and apprehending the truth of Gods existence

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Treeology: The Shadow

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Treeology: The Shadow


Spoiler alert: ‘The Tree and the Light’

In my book, The Tree and the Light’ there is a scene where the Great Tree is chopped down by the Sinagain’s. In a sense their world is shaken, their home is destroyed, and everyone who once lived peacefully under the giant canopy of the tree are now under the harsh rule of the Sinagain’s. The leader of the Sinagain’s will be revealed in the next book (can’t wait arrr).

Something happens though that was unexpected, something that was unstoppable.

From the fallen Tree a darkness began to  move out and cover the land. This darkness was alive and infectious;  in my book you can see people running from it. People are scene running through and open field at night. They have torch in hand as they move into the forest. Some folks are looking back at the darkness as it seems to have eyes and arms that are reaching out towards them

The darkness is evil. A great evil act has been done and as a result evil is on the move. This has everything to do with the Fall of Man. If you read Genesis 1-3 you’ll soon discover that man who was given a paradise, eventually lost paradise, and he and his wife were eventually evicted by God. Why?

There was a sinister force at work, the devil who convinced the first people to rebel against their King.

You see there were 2 trees: 1. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil  2. The Tree of Life.

They were given 1 prohibition:

Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Persuaded they did. The tree that they thought would make them like God actually brought both spiritual and physical death.

This was the darkness that moved out from the Garden and this darkness which was now indwelling Adam and Eve had to be removed from the pristine environment where God’s presence dwelt.

Right away this darkness was felt.

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Dropping Lines- Psalm 16:6

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Dropping Lines: Psalm 16:6


“The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.” Psalm 16:6 a,b

 God drops lines. He is a line dropper.

To his people (the Church) these lines fall in pleasant places. As the text would indicate that these lines are tied to his heritage, both nationally and spiritually.
The psalmist looks back on his life and sees Gods faithfulness, he reflects on Gods goodness. He knows his line runs all the way back to the patriarchs- Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
He realizes his place among Gods men. He knows his attachment to ethic Israel and he loves her.
Even through difficult times, severe hardships, and trials nevertheless, Gods lines have fallen to him and his people in pleasant places.
The boundaries of his habitation, the place where he was born, his family, his up-bringing, his friends etc…he can look back on Gods providence and declare, “indeed my heritage is beautiful to me.”
His heritage is rich and glorious, it starts with God, and these lines in history are positioned by God-the good ones as well as the bad.

These lines are designed by the Great Architect-laying out the blueprint for his life.

They have stretched from eternity past all the way to the present.

He also realizes that future lines of grace await him in eternity.
These are the lines of redemption; lines of salvation; lines of mercy; lines of grace; lines of justice; lines of judgment.
These lines have built a fortress around him. He is protected by the King, he is loved by the King.

These lines fall in pleasant places because God is pleased with him. Wherever he goes God is there, and where God is there is pleasant place.

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Writer: You must die daily

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A death must occur.

For every writer there must be a death.

The death of time spent doing other things which in my own estimation amount to very little in the grand scheme of life. I personally sacrifice certain things in my life that seem to have a pull on me so that I can achieve certain goals. This is common sense, yet many of us need to be reminded of this because of the worlds pull to a myriad of distractions.

We all have to ‘kill’ a few things to get to where we want, and to pursue our goals and dreams…whatever those might be.

We have to make sure we kill the right things.

Many a people have made sacrifices and later regretted. Usually those deaths are very painful and almost always involve family and those close to us.

Obviously we do not want to neglect our families. Sometimes this is a slow death. Some people will be so engrossed in their work that they trade money, reputation, and success instead of making sure that our families are thriving emotionally, spiritually, physically etc…

Every author has to make wise  discsions about what we must cut out of the daily regimend that we have grown so accustomed to.

We need to cut out things like: food, water,sunlight….just kidding (I had to say it); More seriously things such as T.V, movies, 30+ rounds of golf with the buddies, watching ufc on the ocassional Saturday night (mine), extra curricular activities that are fun, but might not be a necessity in the moment. These things are not bad things in and of themselves, but we must weigh them in light of what’s ultimately important. It’s a battle that I sometimes lose, but I’m committed to making improvements.

As a Christian I am called daily to die to self.

This doesn’t mean all my ambitions or goals are to be negated, but that certain worldly pursuits ought to take second place to Godly pursuits. This also doesn’t mean I have to give up what I love, but I need to evaluate what I love (writing being one of them) and to make certain that the focus is always a display and a credit to what he is accomplishing in me, ultimately for his glory and not my own.

There has always been a call to a radical way of living for the Christian.

So there is a double death. The writer must die to accomplish his writing goals, but the christian writer must make sure Jesus is at the center of all that he is doing. The world will pull on the hearts string so that a person longs for money, reputation, glory, honor, power, and fame.

Instead we look to bolster his reknown, his reputation.

We seek to not be made much of, but to make much of Him.

And we as ‘Kingdom writers’ know that the hard work must be done for those of us who have chosen this venue to communicate his great name. We know there is a death in not being well recieved. We know there is a death when people will get upset a some of the content. We know that Jesus said, “Don’t be surprised if the world hates you, just remember it hated me first.”

We die daily so that words might be spoken into a world of people who desperately need to hear the Gospel. It is just one facet of being salt and light in a world that is spiritually darkened. We die daily, so that we can create a perpetual flow of Gospel-centered works that are all connected to the flow of what He is doing and accomplishing in and through us.

It is for love that we seek to die

Have you died today?

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