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Will Your Books Go Up in Smoke?

I’m not speaking of The Bonfire of the Vanties’ here, nor am I’m referencing a Medieval book burning. I am speaking of something of eternal and lasting value.

Here’s a verse to support my premise.

Support #1-

1 Corinthians 10:31   “Whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Some may say that the world will keep spinning, but most know that the world, even our sun is not eternal. Everything dies including this world. So, for those who find it a moral imperative to leave a legacy behind we have to remember that our legacies are temporal and transient. Most of us after we are gone will cease to be remembered. But for those of us who write we are deciding to leave a deposit for those who may be interested.

Here’s the biblical rub which may rub some the wrong way:

All works done unto the glory of self, that are not done unto the glory of God will be swept away into a vast nothingness. All the time and effort, all the countless hours, all the sweat blood and tears will vanish and be forgotten. Do you smell smoke?

Sorry to burst bubbles.

Support #2

2 Peter 3: 7 “But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly.”

Remember the Biblical flood? Water. The second global judgment-fire.

God is going to clean house. His real estate is going to be demolished. Like a painter who wipes his palette clean, he will apply fresh paint and create a new world.

Books will burn…every piece of God-opposed literature will be consumed in the flame.

Every careless word spoken, every atheistic blog post, every agnostic article, every journal filled with anti-Christ rhetoric will be torched with thermal-nuclear heat.

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“His Bounty, my song”

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“I will sing to the Lord for he has dealt bountifully with me.” Psalm 13:6


Spiritual songs rise up in the hearts of men for various reasons.

The psalmist makes up his mind that he will sing to the Lord.

His heart is filled and wells up to his God with joyful song. Gods bounty has affected him in such a way that he cannot help but sing. Resting on the psalmist is the Spirit of God-the Spirit causes him to recognize Gods provision and care.

The Spirit sets forth to stir loves song.

 This is becoming of the saint; there is always a song to be sung.

We are commanded to sing hymns, spiritual songs, making melodies in our hearts for God for this pleases him.

God is a song writer.  He places his Spirit in a man to make him write and sing.

Out of all the religions in the world we (Christians) are the only ones who sing to God, and that in a major key. There are other religions that chant but none of them have the melody and harmonies strung together.

These songs are sung in joyful antiphonal praise out of love and gratitude.

God directs His orchestra, he leads the Church in joyful song. The song of redemption fills the earth. The people of God assemble to sing to God as he has directed.

 Music was meant for the Lord.

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TREEOLOGY- 10 things about the King

Spoiler alert:

The King is none other than the King of the Universe…Jesus Christ the LORD of glory. I think most people who do not know much about the Bible can quickly gather that much.

But for those who do not know it’s ok. Let just me point out some things about this King of Light:


      1. He was foretold : 

It was inscribed upon the Tree. The people then had seen it, but they may not have known how to understand it until their conditions changed for the worse.

      2. The Event was foretold:

 This speaks of omniscience. This message was conveyed by a messenger who was given a futuristic message of a time to come.

      3. He is a man of Light:

Just like in the Bible he is the Light of the world. He comes as the antithesis to the darkness.

The darkness peers out with its lurking eyes at this person and realizes that its dark habitat is being erased. Light has that effect where it illumines whatever is in the dark.

This points to the incarnation of God. He took on the nature of a man, so as to come on behalf of man, as man’s perfect representative. He comes to succeed where the others have failed.

       4. He comes bearing light and create a new life-

He has a bag of sun-lit seeds and he is planting new seeds of life and vitality. There is a new song that fills the air, one that He brings. And as he walks the people are warmed by his light. He is infusing his world with the stuff of Heaven.

       5. He comes to confront and defeat his enemies-

He marches upon the source of this evil and confront and overcomes them. The light exposes their false kingdom and the inward and outward decay.

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A narrative is a story, but a meta-narrative (MN) is the One STORY that makes sense of all other stories.

In today’s cultural climate the meta-narrative is frowned upon because we do not like to think that even our individual stories are locked in to one grand narrative. This has several implications which are mammoth in proportion.

1. If there is a MN then this means that our stories are intertwined.

Could this be. Could our stories really be linked in a way that is personal and supra-personal. Reason I say this is because if there is one overarching story than all stories fit under the umbrella of the One. Which means that the One Story and all its themes are filtered down into our paradigm.

Or in a reversed way all themes that we find to write about are drawn from this One great pericope.

2. We have a destiny/fate/mission to fulfill; a purpose that exist outside of us and for us.

Could it be that we have a mission? If there is One Story then it begs the question can there be One author? There has to be.

And if One Author is writing this story, then we are cast into this drama, the drama of the ages. This means that every role is significant.

3. We are locked into the MN there is no escape.

Some people try and escape through drugs and suicide but even then the story continues. We are confined to space and time upon this globe.

We still have freedoms to create within the metanarrative but those creations will have threads or strands of the One Great story pulsating through our own.

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The Anti-Narrative

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There once was a perfect story where everything was right and good and perfect.

The narrative flowed in a way that was smooth, consistent, and flawless. Everything in the narrative functioned according to plan, and the plan was carried out with meticulous precision.

Then one day something happened to disrupt the story-line, something sinister, something malicious entered in that was foreign to this pristine environment.

Something or shall I say someone caused an alteration in the story-line that would forever affect the timeline of history.

Ever since this day the narrative has been altered.

The One who constructed the narrative was not surprised.

He had made provision to include the fallen dysfunction in his story and create something splendid and beautiful out of a dark situation.

Ever since the day of corruption, the day that altered the fabric of the universe, the one who concocted an evil plot continues to replay this anti-narrative in the lives of all people.

Now everyone who has ever lived- lives in the middle of this cosmic tension.

The tension between the meta-narrative (MN) and the anti-narrative (AN) trying to be imposed upon the world. This anti-narrative seeks a hostile takeover, it seeks to impose its will  over and against the MN. People are swept away by the AN as it masquerades as the true narrative.

In actuality the AN is intertwined around the MN 

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