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The Anti-Narrative

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There once was a perfect story where everything was right and good and perfect.

The narrative flowed in a way that was smooth, consistent, and flawless. Everything in the narrative functioned according to plan, and the plan was carried out with meticulous precision.

Then one day something happened to disrupt the story-line, something sinister, something malicious entered in that was foreign to this pristine environment.

Something or shall I say someone caused an alteration in the story-line that would forever affect the timeline of history.

Ever since this day the narrative has been altered.

The One who constructed the narrative was not surprised.

He had made provision to include the fallen dysfunction in his story and create something splendid and beautiful out of a dark situation.

Ever since the day of corruption, the day that altered the fabric of the universe, the one who concocted an evil plot continues to replay this anti-narrative in the lives of all people.

Now everyone who has ever lived- lives in the middle of this cosmic tension.

The tension between the meta-narrative (MN) and the anti-narrative (AN) trying to be imposed upon the world. This anti-narrative seeks a hostile takeover, it seeks to impose its will  over and against the MN. People are swept away by the AN as it masquerades as the true narrative.

In actuality the AN is intertwined around the MN 

This almost sounds like The Matrix (the movie). In one sense its like that, but this is not some computerized program.

The AN will, with virus like potency corrupt, confuse, infect, abuse, and destroy.

The AN is so corrosive because it was introduced by Satan himself. God has by his grace permitted the AN and is ultimately using it to accomplish his good and perfect ends.

So, as hard as the AN is trying to distort the MN it never will. God is bringing great good out of great evil.

So as a writers, if you believe  this premise, which I have attempted to pull from a Biblical framework (just worded it differently, perhaps a bit unorthodox), you have to figure out are you a writer writing for the AN or the MN?  

Are you currently adding to and bringing attention to the MN.

Are you pointing to and highlighting the story of redemption, the great and glorious good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Or are you, perhaps even unknowingly adding to the AN?

Are you, in your writing opposed to the MN. Are you an AN worker?

Do you find yourself angry and pushing back against the MN?

Do you push back against the redemptive story-line which states: God has come on rescue mission to save a rebellious people by giving up his life as a payment/ransom for their evil deeds. He once for all has absorbed their due punishment and has given them his perfect record. For those who believe he brings them into a new family and they inherit all the benefits and all the wonderful promises. He has done this because it was his delight, and he wants us to share in that delight.

FYI- The Anti-narrative will soon vanish and be no more.

There will be no resistance brought on by the AN. It will cease to be and that narrative will end tragically.

It will unravel upon itself along with all those who are tied to that plot.

There is no happy ending in the AN despite popular opinion. All does not end well. Plug yourself in.

Check out my post, ‘Meta-Narrative.’ Thanks.

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