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The Hobbit ‘my precious book’

posted on Nov 28, 2012, in category : Affiliate
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   I need to be honest, I love fiction, but yet, I have not read much fiction; does that then bring my love into question?

I have camped out for the majority of my reading life in the non-fiction section seeking to learn rather than be entertained, yet I am a child of the times and I do enjoy entertainment, to a fault.

I have read only several books of fiction in my life, but the one that I compare all others to is the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. I tend to compare all others by the best and it could be that Peter Jackson was a ‘wizard’ at bringing the book to cinematic life.

Since the Lord of the Rings movie came out it stunned the world even though the books have been out for over 50 years and the Hobbit was written back in 1937, and it proppelled the writing and movie-going world to ‘up-the-ante’. So now, as a result, we have  hundreds if not thousands of author’s who have attempted to write in the same vein trying to emmulate that style. Even myself with my new series (only one) coming out called ‘The Tree and the Light.’

The reason: Tolkien was able to tap into the great themes. The themes of love, joy, good/evil, friendship, betrayel, the struggel with sin, someone who is willing to enter into the paradigmn and save others at a great cost to self; honor, loyality, a king (royality), a mission, a great enemy, a rescue etc… H knew how to pull from those themes and create something fresh and exciting that has stood the test of time (short-time) and the interest in these classic’s have not waned, but have been heightened due to the big screen.

In my opinion, they have pulled from the grand themes of Scripture which are timeless. These are the themes that resonate in our hearts because the Creator of the Cosmos has given us his narrative, His story about his Son Jesus, which is overarching, timeless, relative, personal, adventurous, climatic, touching home and heart.

I am looking forward to the Hobbit, not because it is the greatest story, or the best written, but because it pulls from the great redemptive themes that we all love. It reminds me at some level, that I to am involved in the great drama of all time; that I am one of the characters in the metanarritive that God is unfolding. That I too have a mission, a journey, a destination. Though obscure in the grand scope of things my story takes on greater significance because it is wrapped up into the BIG STORY.

When you find yourself loving a movie or a book, ask why. Could it be that your heart has gravitated towards one of those themes.

December 14th The Hobbit comes out I encourage all who love a good tale, a great adventure to join me.

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