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The Sinagains- ‘The Tree and the Light’

posted on Oct 15, 2013, in category : My Books
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In my book, ‘The Tree and the Light,‘ I developed a group of people known as the Sinagains. I thought the title name was catchy and descriptive.

In the book we see them as a vast cruel people who are consumed with power, glory, and fame. They seek control over people and their land; this is how they choose to leave their mark on this world.

In all ‘fictionality’ they seek to dominate their world by sheer force.

The want to build vast cities as monuments to their greatness; they want to leave their cities as markers or signs flaunting their achievements and supremacy. If a city does exist they will renovate the real estate and rebuild them with Sinagain flair.

These people are quite large and seem to be made for battle.

They are war-lords in this world and they create a pseudo-peace.

They always have war on their minds and are always training for the next one. No mention of Sinagain women, but I am sure they are there, just as mean and domineering.

They come from the north and march upon the peaceful people of the Tree and quickly defeat them. Most are imprisoned and others are scattered to the low-lying wooded areas.


The Sinagains are descriptive really of all people to one degree or another. All people seek power and glory and fame; they want to be recognized, applauded, liked on googled, friended on Facebook.  They want to stock-pile and build reputations of success and fame.

Some people  are cruel and ruthless, always at war with one another fighting, bickering, gossiping, slandering. They know not the way of peace.

This personal war is indicative of a greater war within the heart of man…i.e. their WAR against God. And this WAR has ripple effects that move out into every facet of life. No rock is left unturned, no crevice in the soul is left unscathed.

What ultimately characterizes them is their evil nature. They are juxtaposed to the people of the Tree. The Sinagains are the one’s who bring the darkness through their dark deeds. Eventually this darkness pervades and invades their already darkened and stony hearts.

The darkness has a profound effect on them, but that darkness was already in their hearts. It was the unspoken fear mentioned in my book. The Tree people too were not exempt, they just covered it up better.

Their name gives them away; this is a clue.

They have sinned against their world, against their King.

Another clue is the serpent tattoo. They are born a people of the serpent. They have misunderstood this sign as a symbol for self-rule and wide spread dominance of other people groups. They are likened to the Nazi’s who possessed their war- machines  in order to lay low the world with a perverse hunger for global domination.

The serpent mark is actually a symbol of the curse which befell them after the first rebellion.

Just as they bore the curse that is outward and physical, so to humanity bears the curse that is inward and spiritual. We scan humanity’s history and it is one that is cataloged by war and atrocity, heartache and pain.

We are plagued with personal sin, and corporate sin. We are all affected and infected. We are sinned against and we sin against others. We sin freely and willfully; we enjoy it and we become willful slaves to our own passions and desires. We are sinners not because we sin but by identity, it is part of the make-up of who were are.

The invisible mark of the serpent is wrapped around our hearts. It is a generational mark that is passed on to us whether we like it or not.

We are the Sinagains because we sin again and again and again.

There is a cure for this disease of the soul, there is a hope to be found, there is an antidote to be had…

Read my post on the King of Light to gain further inside into the heart of my book…


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