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The Twisted Story

posted on Sep 2, 2013, in category : Affiliate
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The Twisted Story

We all have read a twisted story. I am not speaking of the twist and turns that accompany many a story these days. You know, the ones that keep you guessing and have you baited and hooked; it blind sides you, you feel a chill and get a goose-bump or two. Close but not really.

Nor am I speaking of the Stephen King psychopathic murder dramas that he cranks out at lightning speed.

Close, but not really, even though there are some strands connected to his specialized novels born out of the ultimate twist.

This twisted story is in reference to my tagline ‘Redeeming the Imagination.’

This twisted story is one that happened thousands of years ago.

Some of you know it as ‘The Fall,’ in Genesis 3.

If you have not read it I highly encourage you to read Genesis 1-3 (ESV Study Bible).

The Setting: Graham Goldsworthy an Austraian Theologian has articulated this way- God’s people (Adam & Eve) in God’s place (Eden) under God’s rule (His Law) enjoying his blessing (provision). A perfect environment at the outset; a tranquil setting, companionship, no death, no sin, no disease, the best possible world was the world that once existed.

We live in the shadow of that Garden world.

The Twist:

A creature foreign to the Garden slides in and deceives. He injects the poisonous venom of false counsel.

He questions the source of authority, and through cunning and craftiness he creates the first rebellion. Adam and Eve became acting participants in a cosmic betrayal and led the whole human race on a path that was dark, dangerous, and even deadly. The very things which plague the human race are direct result of that fist deadly twist of events.

We live in this twist.

It is all around us and as a result we have a tortuous and twisted reality. Even though our lives are showered with common graces we all experience the twist at many points in our short span.

We even see this played put among the authors of the day. There are dark and deadly and diabolical things which provide for entertainment.

The very things which are written about are reverberations, strands if you will, connected to the Great Rebellion, the cosmic coup ages ago.

Thankfully there is an undoing of the twist, and a return to Paradise.

This also comes through a man, a God-man. Where Adam blew, this man is successful. He takes away every twist and turn and straightens things out for or us.

Can you guess who it is? If not continue on past Genesis 3 to John 1 and behold Him who makes the crooked way straight.

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