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Treeology- The Fallen Great Tree

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The Fallen Great Tree

The Fallen Great Tree


 There is a pivotal part in my new book, ‘The Tree and the Light,

where the Sinagains chop down the great tree.

The realm in which it exist is shaken to its core, and all those who once lived under its pristine environment mourn the loss.

The guardian’s of the tree, ‘the Tree lords’ know that this tree is special, that its origins are of old, and that their world is supported and sustained by it.

The Tree is great for several reasons: its massive size, there has never been a tree this large. So large was it that it peaked the clouds, and homes were built high up to the tops; it’s great because of its ancient beginnings… It goes way back to the very beginning of time. Also, its great because of its origins…the Great Garden of old. Lastly, it’s great because it gives life.

But the unimaginable happens. The Tree is sawn down. The Tree crashes, the world shakes.

The Sinagains rejoice and sing songs in the night to celebrate and commemorate this monumental achievement. They are cruel and relentless. They only seek power and control.

The Treeology: (The Theology behind the story)

 In the book of Genesis you notice that God placed two tree’s in the Garden of Eden:

1) The Tree of Life 2) The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

They rebelled against God and God removed them from their paradise-home.

God removed them from their post, so that they would not be allowed to eat from the Tree of Life and so live forever in a fallen state, without hope. If they would have been permitted to eat,  hypothetically speaking, they would have had no hope for Redemption, and thus becoming like the devil or Lucifer the fallen Cherub.

It seems as if he was trying to replicate his own hopeless situation among God’s crowning achievements.

The Great Tree represents the Tree of Life. Once it falls death and darkness move and take over. Just as it has happened in that world, so has it happened in real time and space.

The darkness of sin as invaded and pervaded this world.

Just as those first pioneers of a new world looked forward to a better hope, so we look backwards at a secure and lasting hope.

We look back at a different tree, the cross. This Tree has become the new Tree of Life.

It was then that the most beautiful object (Jesus) and the most diabolical thing (Sin) collided. And the result…’all sin’ has been nailed, freedom has been purchased, peace and joy infused, and new life has be issued.

 We need the Tree! No Tree, no LIFE!

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