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Treeology: The Great Table

posted on Oct 7, 2013, in category : Affiliate
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The Great Table

Spoiler alert:

In my book, ‘The Tree and the Light,’  the King takes back what rightfully belongs to him, the land and his people. He shows his superiority by the brilliance of the light that resonates form his being. He is the King of Light who defeats the darkness and re-establishes his Kingdom.

He wins a great victory for his people and even his foes are turned into bros (I had to say it).

He makes a decree among the people, one that is most amazing.

The Tree that has been felled is to be used to not only rebuild His Kingdom, but also to be used to construct a great table. The book doesn’t elaborate much on the design, but it does give clues as to its location/setting. The image doesn’t do justice to the sheer size that I had imagined.

It is set in the King’s garden and the table spans the whole length of his garden. So this is not just any table, but THE TABLE.

It is here that his Kingdom citizens are called out and invited to dine.

It is suppose to instill in the mind of the reader that this king is different.

He does not dine alone, he enjoys the company of those whom he has rescued.

As the image describes it is a feast, and the people are commanded to make merry and to enjoy themselves in his presence. The best that the land has to offer is there to be fully digested. He is filling them up with all things that are good.

The King is there as the guest of honor, but the king does this to honor all.

There is much joy at this table and this by no means is a singular event, but one that is meant to be replicated and ongoing; it having a forever element to it.

This Table ensures that you will dine forever. People do not dine in the darkness apart from the King.

This all points us to gaze upon the Wedding Supper of the Lamb (Jesus).

Right before Christ died he sat with his disciples sharing an intimate meal and he established something very special….a new promise. He took bread and broke it and said this was his body that would be broken; then he took the cup and said this was his blood (metaphorically speaking) is poured out for the sins of  ‘many.’ One thing to notice, he did not drink it, but said he would drink it anew in His Father’s Kingdom.

There is a future feast in the new Heavens and new Earth that awaits all of God’s people; for those who belong to Jesus.

It is feast where the King will raise the cup and break the bread. It will be a feast like nothing we have ever seen before. The best on God’s menu that no chef could even come close to replicating in this life.

In other words it’s not a Golden Coral or Ponderosa buffet its a feast of awesomeness and deliciousness.

Repent of sin, confess him as Lord and Savior, follow him and love him and there will be a rich welcome into the eternal Kingdom; and with that a place at his ‘forever table’.

Hope your encouraged, hope to see you across the TABLE

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