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Treeology: The Shadow

posted on Sep 30, 2013, in category : Treeology
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Treeology: The Shadow


Spoiler alert: ‘The Tree and the Light’

In my book, The Tree and the Light’ there is a scene where the Great Tree is chopped down by the Sinagain’s. In a sense their world is shaken, their home is destroyed, and everyone who once lived peacefully under the giant canopy of the tree are now under the harsh rule of the Sinagain’s. The leader of the Sinagain’s will be revealed in the next book (can’t wait arrr).

Something happens though that was unexpected, something that was unstoppable.

From the fallen Tree a darkness began to  move out and cover the land. This darkness was alive and infectious;  in my book you can see people running from it. People are scene running through and open field at night. They have torch in hand as they move into the forest. Some folks are looking back at the darkness as it seems to have eyes and arms that are reaching out towards them

The darkness is evil. A great evil act has been done and as a result evil is on the move. This has everything to do with the Fall of Man. If you read Genesis 1-3 you’ll soon discover that man who was given a paradise, eventually lost paradise, and he and his wife were eventually evicted by God. Why?

There was a sinister force at work, the devil who convinced the first people to rebel against their King.

You see there were 2 trees: 1. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil  2. The Tree of Life.

They were given 1 prohibition:

Do not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Persuaded they did. The tree that they thought would make them like God actually brought both spiritual and physical death.

This was the darkness that moved out from the Garden and this darkness which was now indwelling Adam and Eve had to be removed from the pristine environment where God’s presence dwelt.

Right away this darkness was felt.

It moved out throughout all the known world and in Genesis 7,  God said that everyone did evil all the time, continually; and that all their hearts were darkened.  So as a result he purged that world with a global flood.

He hit the restart button, but kept a remnant (Noah and his family) that would carry out God’s grand design. The seed of corruption, the darkness of sin was embedded in the heart and could not be remedied until the One who was to come could deal with the darkness.

He gave it a final death blow

His Light was the light-source, a superior light that extinguishes darkness and shadows. Jesus the Light of the World.

This darkness resides in all men. We live on a planet that has great beauty, but the people who live in this world are darkened (Romans 2; Ephesians 3) and even this darkened corruption has reached out to every corner of this world, and I would even say the cosmos, that’s how pervasive it is (sorry little green aliens).

Man is now darkened In their knowledge of God and are in open rebellion against the King.

Until this ends through new life (regeneration/born again) the darkness will eventually consume and take over. You will be consumed in the shadow.

As you know this was not the end of my story, nor is it the end of the story in real life.

In reality there is the Hero-King who invades our world and performs the great extraction, the Greatest Rescue mission on record.

He took the darkness of sin upon himself and nailed it to the cross. Only he can remove the stain of sin, the darkness, and when he does you become light in the Lord; children of the Light.

Don’t live in the shadows any longer…


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